Uninspiring Stephane Dion resorts to degrading others

How fascinated the Liberals have become with the Green Party in recent months!

I can’t help but find it amusing how the Grits are frequently referring to the Greens, more often than not in a derogatory manner. Perhaps it’s the clearest sign yet that the Green Party has emerged as a serious force in Canadian politics.

First it was Prime Minister Paul Martin, desperate to reach out to any possible support as the January polls forecasted his impending demise. Martin pleaded to those leaning Green to instead vote for the Liberals, hoping that they would be guilted into a strategy of keeping out Harper’s Tories.

There was Thomas Axworthy, principal secretary to Pierre Trudeau from 1981 to 1984, who in February advocated that the Liberals form a strategic partnership with the Greens. Then, Doug Ferguson, organizer of a recent Liberal renewal meeting in London, argued that the Grits should win over environmentalists and youth before the Green Party does.

And now we see perhaps the best back-handed compliment to the Green Party of all – Liberal leadership contender Stephane Dion calling for the Grits to adopt a “third pillar” – an innovative and profound idea he’s calling “environmentalism”. Cutting edge stuff, no doubt.

But it’s not enough for Dion to pull the Grits into the 21st century in terms of green policy – he also needs to take a swipe at the Green Party while supposedly “building up” the Liberals, referring to the Greens as an one-issue entity, thus inferring that a “green” Liberal Party would be a better group for Canadians to lend their support to.

Sorry, but am I the only one who finds this laughable, and now perceives Dion as a far less credible politician? I had a healthy respect for the chap in the past, but this attempt to bring the Grits back to the top by taking shots at others also low in the polls is negative and uninspiring. Show the country a positive and inspiring agenda, Stephane. Perhaps lawyer-to-be Jason Cherniak could sort you out a half-decent leadership strategy.

As Stephane knows very well, the Green Party has an all-encompassing policy platform that covers all topics under the sun. Those who attempt to erase this fact and tar the Greens as an one-issue fringe party are illustrating their desperation. Rather than acknowleding Greens policy stances on various issues, and trying to explain how they have better policies, the Liberals are all-too-often pretending that the Green Party only cares about environmentalism, and brushing our other policy stances under the figurative carpet. This is dishonest, and does a disservice to Canadians.

Liberals – if your new policies are as good as you make them to be, stop trying to discredit others, and have the courage to garner support based upon the merit of your own policies. Why do you need to keep taking swipes at the NDP and Greens? This strategy to maul those low in the polls with you is doing more harm than good. Warren Kinsella’s strategy of dirty politics is passé, and frankly, Canadians are sick and tired of negative strategies.

Want to inspire Canadians, and perhaps even those leaning towards the Green Party? Then inspire them with an innovative and profound policy platform, not by taking pot-shots at the still-emerging Green Party.