Ontario Liberals steal more Green Party ideas

And nothing could make us happier.

The Green Party isn’t out for power. We’re out to make the world a better place – as cheesy as that may sound.

We may not be in the position to garner 30% of the vote in Canada, but when the parties in government adopt our policies and principles, who cares? There’s no bigger compliment than when the opposition ravenously plunder our platform. It’s a clear indication that we’re reflecting the desires and ambitions of Canadians – and in many cases, we’re doing a better job of it than the large parties.

So when Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty announced that Ontario would be subsidizing “green” energy, especially solar energy, we were ecstatic. Because, quite simply, this is our policy being enacted. And if the Green Party didn’t exist, you can almost guarantee we wouldn’t have heard this announcement today.