CBC bars Green Party from Nova Scotia debate

The CBC has announced that they will not allow the Green Party to participate in the only televised leaders debate of the Nova Scotia election campaign. This, despite the Green Party fielding candidates in all 52 ridings.

What a preposterous decision.

What causes the CBC to deny the Green Party from fully engaging with the electorate, both at federal and provincial levels, despite its clear surge in popularity?

Could it be the same reason that led the CBC to invite the newly-formed Reform Party to participate in the 1993 federal debates, despite that party having zero parliamentary seats prior to the debate, and having never participated in an election? Could it be the same logic that caused the CBC to invite Reform leader Preston Manning to take part in the French debate, despite not being even close to fluency in French, and thus having to read from prepared cards?

Or perhaps the CBC now regrets having absurdly invited the anti-federalist Bloc Québécois to participate in the debates, helping to validate a cause that would bring Canada to its knees and to the brink of dismantlement? Regrettablement, ici, c’est le CBC.

How else would one explain this decision by the CBC?

Ron Crocker, regional director of CBC Television in the Maritimes, said the Green Party “just aren’t there” as a party. If the Green Party of Nova Scotia is truly some sort of fringe party, how in the hell could the Greens field candidates in all 52 provincial ridings, mere weeks after officially registering as a party?

I can understand the CBC, say, not inviting the leader of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada from participating in the federal debates – national politics tends to attract some nutcase kooks, and all sorts of fly-by-night parties. But in Nova Scotia, there are only four registered parties – the Tories, Grits, NDP and the Greens. What’s the harm in inviting all four to participate?

The Conservatives have talked at length about the CBC being biased in favour of the Liberals and NDP. Judging from the channel’s exclusionary tactics regarding the Green Party, perhaps the Tories are indeed correct.

Denying a party that faired as high as 9% of the national popular vote in recent polls is tantamount to disenfranchising a significant number of Nova Scotians. What right does the CBC have to decide which voices are “legitimate”, and which are “illegitimate”? Isn’t our national broadcaster supposed to be a neutral media outlet?

You’re simply delaying the inevitable, CBC. And you’re looking fools for doing so.

Let us in.