Paul Charbonneau: by-election media review

It’s not often that a candidate running for election will tell you they want to come in second. “Let’s be number two before we are number one,” said provincial Green Party candidate Paul Charbonneau.

While he may not expect to be the next MPP for the area, he is looking at building support to get elected in the next provincial election in 2007.

“We are realistic. Within two years by the next (provincial) election, I’ll get in or a green candidate will get in, in 2007.”

Why vote Green in this byelection? He’s the only candidate against a new power plant of any size in the Port Lands, so if this is your position “vote for me,” he said.


Port Lands:

Green Party candidate Paul Charbonneau said he’s the only candidate that doesn’t support a new power plant of any kind in the Port Lands. His solution is, “We do need energy in the Port Lands, but it must come from natural sources – wind, solar and biomass. The possibilities from natural sources are endless.”

The Environment:

Green Party candidate Charbonneau said, “There are programs active in the riding right now to help people disconnect their downspouts from the sewers and redirect them to their lawns and gardens. I would work to get more and better funding for these important initiatives.”


Green Party candidate, Paul Charbonneau said he would introduce a private member’s bill to recognize the half-round and work with Bridgepoint to help them adopt “more environmentally friendly” standards in their plan.

Crime in East York:

Charbonneau would like to expand the voluntary police corps in Toronto to ease the burden on the regular force.

“Members of the voluntary police corps, who don’t carry weapons, are a visible presence in the community in radio contact with dispatch. These extra officers could also speak with people who are idling (their cars) on hot days and help identify polluters,” he said.

East York’s identity:

Charbonneau said the Village of Old East York is a diamond in the rough and if elected, he would work with local business groups to expand the organic market system in East York and make it a place where others come to buy healthy local food.