Green priority: register in New Brunswick and Territories

With the Green movement beginning to take shape here in Canada, it’s crucial we have branches in every corner of this country.

If the Green Party can garner 4.5% support federally, then surely there’s enough support in every province and territory to sustain a local Green Party.

Unfortunately there still isn’t a registered Green Party in New Brunswick or any of the three territories.

Instead, you have PEI Green Party leader Sharon Labchuk (and others as well) having to help organize in New Brunswick, and one of the federal riding associations in the North West Territories covering for the lack of a local party in any of the three territories.

In terms of promoting the Green movement across Canada, surely the Green Party of Canada should consider helping establish local parties in New Brunswick and the territories as a priority.

Running candidates in every riding during a federal election illustrates that we are a national party, with support across the country. But when four of our federation’s 13 bodies don’t have a local party, just how truly national is the Green movement?