Green volunteers – a challenge towards innovation

As the smallest of Canada’s genuinely contending federal political parties, we Greens are at a serious disadvantage vis-a-vis our larger rivals. Not only do they have more experience and finesse, but larger parties have virtual armies of volunteers to call upon – and they usually make pretty darn good use of them.

If we as Greens are going to make a thorough breakthrough and become a major player in Canadian politics in the near future, we need to not just encourage more people to volunteer – but also to seek volunteers with creative energy and passion, able to contribute to the Greens in innovative ways that would help the Greens to genuinely stand out from the opposition – and ensure that such talent is channeled to maximum benefit (rather than just chucking such individuals into answering phones).

Instead of just waiting for the Green Party to contact us for help, let’s be pro-active in offering up our services as interested volunteers. The head office is already over-stretched with the current program of training courses being conducted across the country – so let’s make their jobs easier, by taking the initiative to contact them and let them know what our particular skills and passions are, and how we could each help take the party forward.

For example, I like to think that I have an eye for eye-catching and original design. Not that I create such design myself, mind you – but I’m pretty darn good at spotting new talent. Hence, I attended various graduatation design exhibitions here in London, England, and contacted several of the new grads regarding doing some volunteer work designing adverts for the Green Parties of Canada and British Columbia (my home province).

I’ve had a tremendous response thus far, and am pleased that my efforts will result in innovative adverts that will help sway more Canadians over to the Greens.

So – don’t wait for the Greens to call you. Don’t just volunteer to do the usual stuff (i.e. knocking on doors, sign/pamphlet distribution, etc – although these are crucial bread-n-butter activities too). And, for heavens sake, don’t wait for an election. Do something creative and original to help the Greens, and do it NOW!

What particular skills do you have that could help the Green Party? What personal circumstances (i.e. myself being in London at the moment) could allow you to do something for the Greens that others couldn’t? What is your unique niche that could help the Greens position themselves as a fresh political force to more Canadians?

Consider this your challenge!