New Decima poll disappointingly excludes Greens

Today’s Decima Research poll surveys Canadians as to which of the federal parties they would vote for if there was an election today.

Disappointingly, the Green Party of Canada was inexplicably excluded.

Angus Reid, who were the first to release the poll online via their website, specifically mentioned that the Green Party was excluded – which is reassuring. Decima Research have yet to post the survey results on their own website, but it will be interesting to see if they too mention the exclusion of the Greens. Such an admission by Decima would be tantamount to a conscious exclusion of the Greens.

So what is the status of the Greens in the eyes of the pollsters? Apparently we’re small enough to be excluded from such a survey, and yet large enough to warrant an explanation of exclusion from Angus Reid. Seems like we’re in an awkward crossroads at the moment.

Sure, the Greens have never held a seat in the House of Commons. But we’re one of the fastest growing political parties in Canada. Include us in debates, include us in polls, give us a chance to spread our message to the electorate – and, given time, we will win seats – even in the first-past-the-post system.

Note: if you would like to express your disappointment to Decima Research about their exclusion of the Green Party of Canada, please send them a message using this online form.