“Green” TV series to air on BBC Two

Over on this side of the pond, television channel BBC Two will be airing a new series called “It’s Not Easy Being Green” starting on Tuesday 28 March.

Presenter, inventor and engineer Dick Strawbridge and his family decided that they needed to reduce their ‘eco-footprint’ – this meant reducing the amount of land, water and other natural resources required to support their lifestyle. The BBC2 TV series chronicles the Strawbridge family’s journey from a perfectly normal life and house in the Midlands to a self-sufficient environmentally friendly dream home in the West Country.

Interesting timing by the BBC as to when to air the series… as a municipal election occurring across England and Wales will be announced on March 24. Public organizations generally tend to avoid giving any paritcular party or candidate preference once an election is announced, yet this series begin four days after the announcement.

Lucky the Greens are still small in the UK, or the mainstream parties would be having a fit….