New Environment Minister misusing taxpayers’ dollars?

Far and Wide has an interesting post regarding recent media stories alleging that the Conservative Environment Minister Rona Ambrose may have misused taxpayers’ dollars to pay for a holiday for her aides.

Ambrose and four staffers flew out to Vancouver for a conference, to a bill of $14,345. And the devil is in the detail – Ambrose stayed for one day, while her staffers stayed out in Lotusland for three days, according to expense records on Environment Canada’s website.

Even if the four staffers came and went with Ambrose, and only stayed in Vancouver for the single day – why the heck would anyone require four staffers simply to attend a conference? Perhaps this is some sort of perverse Harper method ofnoblesse oblige.

So – here’s Rona Ambrose’s record as Environment Minister thus far:

1.) Ignoring Canada’s Kyoto Protocol commitments
2.) Ignoring urgent action needed to preserve at least one species on the brink of extinction
3.) Using public funds for what appear to be rather dubious purposes.

And fairly soon we’ll be treated to number four – the Conservative “made-in-Canada” environmental plan, which sounds promising in terms of matters such as smog, but will do little to address climate change.

No wonder so many former Progressive Conservatives now call the Green Party their new home.